How it All Works

About Us

Fast Car Bids was created by a Canadian based passionate car nut who always searched for cool enthusiast cars for sale in Canada on every different generic “list & wait” platforms possible. With no platform that had all these interesting cars together is where Fast Car Bids comes in and brings a beneficial answer to the problem with a twist. With no limit on the types of cars allowed on the site, all enthusiasts are welcome from anything like a ’67 Vette to the newest cars on the block. As well as every day drivers looking to get their car sold quickly in a 7-day auction with all of Canada’s eyes on it. All this can be done in a fun, interactive and very simple to use auction format.

One of the main advantages with Fast Car Bids is that it is the first of its kind based in Canada. What does this mean? No scrolling through American based car auction sites to buy a cool vehicle you see or sell your own and having to deal with all the paperwork and time it takes to get it registered in your Canadian postal code from the United States. Ultimately, preventing a huge headache and burden. Fast Car Bids brings this service to ONLY Canada, offering no discouragement of this kind. ONLY Canadian vehicles will be listed on Fast Car Bids. However, American residents are now welcome as buyer's.

With Fast Car Bids’ auction format, there is none of the “interested” people who waste your time from an ad they saw on a generic new and used car site. All bids are final and with enthusiasts across Canada watching what the auction block at that particular time has to offer, only serious buyers will be involved with a result in just 7 or more days. If your car does not reach the reserve (if there is one) your time will not be wasted as we will find a solution to have your car sold shortly.

Selling your car with us is extremely simple and this is what we strive for, a very simple, casual but professional, easy to use online car auction platform for Canadian based drivers. No broker or anything of that sort to represent you either!

How it All Works


The prices on Fast Car Bids are the lowest and are as follows:

Listing with no reserve: $49.99 taxes included. NOW 50% OFF = $24.99

Listing with reserve: $99.99 taxes included. NOW 50% OFF = $49.99

This listing fee includes a vehicle history report provided by us Fast Car Bids Inc. on our behalf to ensure credibility and extra safety for you as a buyer.

A 5% buyers fee, paid by the buyer on the highest bid will be automatically placed on hold. With only the winning bid's fee being taken and all other bids, once beaten, will be immediately automatically released.

Example: Jimmy bids $20,000, $1000 will be held on Jimmy's credit card. Mark outbids him with $20,500, $1025 is held on his credit card. The $1000 held on Jimmy's credit card get immediately released. Time runs out, Mark wins the auction, the $1025 is taken from Mark.

Range of buyer's fees: A minimum of $250 and a maximum of $6000 no matter if the 5% falls below or above this range.

Reserve: A minimum desired selling price for the vehicle.

Nobody will know what the reserve is except for the seller and the Fast Car Bids team.

*All prices are listed in Canadian currency*

Bid Increments

The first bid on an auction must be at least $250, however you may of course bid higher.

After the first bid:

From $250 to $19,999: increments of $150 minimum.

From $20,000 to $49,999: increments of $350 minimum.

From $50,000 to $99,999: increments of $600 minimum.

From $100,000 and higher: increments of $1000 minimum.

How to Sell a Car on Fast Car Bids

Selling your car with us is extremely simple:

  1. Click the “Sell Your Car” button.
  2. Fill out all the info it asks for with as much detail as possible & click submit.
  3. Add as many high-quality photos of the vehicle as you possibly can
    1. Of both the interior and exterior at many different angles.
    2. Of specific issues/flaws close up.
    3. Of any service invoices you have.
    4. Most importantly, remember that amazing pictures can sell a car alone.
  4. Submit the listing for review and we will get back to you very shortly (from a few hours to a couple of days).

If you decide to list your car with reserve, you will be asked to submit a desired minimum selling price, and we will suggest one as well. We will come to an agreement on one together in the following email if your listing is approved. We will also agree on a start date for the listing depending on where in line it is, we work first come first served with a max of 7 listings per day.

This means your listing may be possible to go live the next day or in a couple of weeks.

If you would like to edit any of the information provided in your submitted listing before it has been approved, you can do so by: clicking onto your profile > scrolling down to “My Auctions” & clicking the listing you would like to edit. You can also add more photos this way.

If you wish for something to be edited on your car's auction after it goes live, just send us an email at [email protected] with what you would like changed and we will take care of it for you as soon as possible. You may also lower the reserve price of your listing at any time if you wish.

The majority of vehicles submitted will be approved, with the exception of certain salvage vehicles and cars that stray very far away from cool enthusiast vehicles and appropriate non-enthusiast vehicles.

In the event that your listing does get rejected, you will be immediately refunded the listing fee.

Cancelling your Listing

If you wish to cancel your listing, you must email us at [email protected] with your reasoning as to why first.

If it is a valid reason, we will accept to cancel your listing for a $115.00 fee, taxes included.

If the Winning Bidder Bails

In this case the winning bidder will be banned from the site. All bids are final and non-refundable if your bid ends up being the winning bid.  

If this happens, we will get into contact with the previous highest bidders and try to get out a deal for the seller.

If this does not work out, there are other means to satisfy the seller which include sharing the buyer fee received from the bailing highest bidder and reposting the listing for free.

If the Car does not Reach Reserve

In this case we can offer to re-list the listing free of charge or get into contact with the highest bidders in hopes of making a deal with one of them. This is completely up to the seller.

If a deal can be made with one of the highest bidders, arrangements can be made on lowering the buyer fee or other incentives to get a deal done.

We strive to satisfy both parties (buyer & seller) no matter the result.  

What Happens when the Auction Ends, and the Car is Sold?

When a car sells at the end of an auction, the seller and buyer will be given each other’s information to proceed to the next steps. If shipping is needed, it should be up to the buyer to take care of it, unless the seller is able to help out in any way. Every situation may be different therefore it is up to the buyer and seller to finalize the transaction, i.e. payment and shipping.

We do have a vehicle transportatio partner on board to help the buyer with shipping if needed.

How to Bid on a Car on Fast Car Bids

Bidding is made very simple on Fast Car Bids.

  1. You want to make sure you have a valid credit card connected to your account.
  2. Click the “Place a Bid” button.
  3. Either enter the next available bid mentioned or bid higher to keep your position safer.

5% of your bid, taxes included will be held on your credit card and will only be captured if it is the winning bid. The second another user out bids you, the amount held on your credit card will be released and you will be notified.

As a buyer, if a loan is needed from your bank, please make sure you have these arrangements set out prior to placing your bids and especially by the end of the auction to avoid any issues if you end up with the highest bid.

Visiting a listing:

If you wish to go see a car in person because it may be close to you and you are interested, you can do so.

In this case just send us an email at [email protected] with the car auction you wish to go see and we will put you in touch with the seller to plan the visit. It’s as easy as that, like previously mentioned, Fast Car Bids is super simple and straightforward to use.

Questions for the Seller

If you have any questions for the seller regarding their specific vehicle on auction, just ask it in the comments section at the bottom of the Main Car Card and the seller will answer your question by replying directly to it.

Your question and the answer provided will be made visible for all viewers to see as it may provide useful information for them as well.


There are only 2 rules at Fast Car Bids, and they are very easy to follow:

  1. If you have a car selling on Fast Car Bids you cannot have that same car for sale anywhere else. This rule applies from the second you submit your car, even before it is approved and gets published on the live auction block.
  2. Be respectful in the comments.
  • No soliciting of any sort or links to other similar cars for sale.
  • Instead, provide useful information or complements.

If these rules are not followed, the user will be banned, and their listings/bids will be cancelled with no refund.


If you see a car you like, we suggest you add it to your watch list by clicking on the bell so you can be notified when there is a new bid placed on it, as well as when there are 24 hours and 1 hour remaining before it ends.

Vehicle History Report

Every single listing on Fast Car Bids will come with its own vehicle history report courtesy of our team to ensure our credibility and make you feel safer in bidding and potentially purchasing the vehicle.

Questions? Live Chat Pop-Up!

If you have any questions when scrolling the site, please refer to this page “How it All Works” to search for the answer. If it does not answer your question(s), there will be a live chat in the bottom right corner of every page on the site. Just click it and ask away. We will answer you as soon as possible. If we are not able to answer you at that moment, you will be notified by email when we do with the answer, so rest assured we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

General Auction Information

  • All auctions will go live for a total of 7 business days & some longer.
  • There will be a maximum of 7 cars on the auction block per day, on a first come first serve basis. 2-3 in the beginning. All auctions ending 30 minutes - 2 hours apart.
  • When a bid placed is within the final 2 minutes of an auction, the timer increases by 2 minutes so there is enough time for users to still place bids and especially if a bidding war ensues, which is always fun to watch.
  • If an auction says, “No Reserve”, then there is no minimum price the car must reach for it to sell. In this case the highest bid will automatically win when the timer runs out. Therefore, if you are one of the final bidders and are extremely interested, you will know what it takes to make the car yours.
  • If an auction says “With Reserve”, then there IS a minimum selling price on it, and you will not know what it is. You will only find out when the auction timer ends and it either says, “Did not find a new home” or “Found a new home for $XX…”.
  • You may also copy an auction to your clipboard if you wish to share it with anyone via any means. As well as automatically sharing the auction to your email where you can send it to someone. These options are on every auction on the main auction page as well the main car cards.

When signing up for Fast Car Bids, your username should not include your last name.

Follow us on our social media pages where you can also see what new auctions are coming to the site and what has sold! All social media are linked at the bottom right of every page on this site.